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Introducing the smartest tool for the job: multi award-winning job advertising platform that manages, tracks and optimises the performance of recruitment advertising in real time focusing spend where it’s needed most to reach both active and passive job seekers across Indeed, Google and Facebook and an extensive network of job boards. To free up your time to focus on what you do best – attracting the best talent.

Introducing the smartest tool for the jobTM


Plug your jobs into the UK’s largest
recruitment media network

Our extensive network enables you to reach both active and passive job seekers through:




ClickIQ automatically manages budget to reach candidates in the most cost-effective way

It does this programmatically by up-weighting spend on jobs which aren’t attracting enough applicants and stopping spend on those that are. So, your budget goes where it’s needed.

Track job performance as the system automatically manages and optimises campaigns

ClickIQ is the first platform with integrated AI that constantly learns from every job to make decisions and optimise job performance based on real-time results.

Which means...


The number of
places you can advertise your jobs


The average saving
per application

More time doing the
job you love

You’ll be in good company


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