A simple trick to increase the quality of applicants on Indeed

A simple trick to increase the quality of applicants on...

A prospective client was recently bemoaning the quality of their applicants on Indeed, which was apparently very poor. Given Indeed are easily the largest Job board in the UK, and the world for that matter (according to similarweb), that was a little surprising. As it seems unlikely they exclusively attracted poor quality applicants.

After doing a little digging, I discovered that they were trying to hire developers in London and were paying £0.15 per click.

This meant that their ad appeared on approximately page 10 of the search results.

You see where this going……

Great candidates in skill shortage areas do not need to look on page 10 of the search results.

So here is the tip – pay more, you will appear higher up in the search results and you will get better applicants. Simple.

Paying a little more now will save you a lot long term.

To improve your results from PPC job boards, let’s first look at how the SERP (search engine results page) is created.

Indeed (and many other job board algorithms) look at a number of factors including:

1.     Relevancy – think job title and location

2.    Bid rate – how much you are paying per click.

3.    Response rate – how many people who see your ad click on it.

4.    Age of ad – how long was it posted.

5.    Secret sauce

4 ways to improve your job ad responses

Having understood how the results are created, we can come up with 4 simple ways to improve your response rates

Point 1: Trendy job titles will not get you found. Instead, stay simple and think about the job titles in your sector what people would typically search for.

Point 2: Pay more, appear higher, get better quality applications.

Point 3: If you have great ad copy that attracts applicants, you will appear in higher positions for longer.

Point 4: Important for organic. Make the most of the first day or two, generate some free responses and average down your cost-per-application.

The same rules pretty much apply to all pay-per-click job boards, and if you ignore point 2, traditional duration boards as well.

It’s called best practice for a reason.


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