AI brings intelligence to recruitment marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) used to be science fiction. The possibility that machines could learn was a whimsical and implausible idea. It could never happen for real, and if it did, it was a very long way off.

Not anymore. AI is here. It’s not the future — it’s now. We don’t mean that a bunch of humanoid robots are about to join the workforce. We mean that software and computers capable of thinking, learning and adapting is a fully fledged reality, presenting an exciting opportunity for recruiters to improve the way they scout for talent.

Half the way there: programmatic advertising

Some recruiters are already making huge efficiency gains and cost savings by using programmatic software to monitor and optimise their pay-per-click job ads. It’s true, programmatic software is a hard worker. It stops you wasting your budget on easy-to-fill roles once you’ve received your desired number of applications. It frees up funds for the hard-to-fill ones, increasing the cost per click to raise their profile and put them in front of more job seekers. And it ensures that your HR department isn’t inundated with unsuitable ‘craplicants’.

But don’t confuse ‘hard-working’ with ‘smart’. While programmatic software does a great job of improving ad performance and saving you about 40% of your recruitment advertising budget, it could save you a lot more. This is because it doesn’t distribute your budget in the most efficient way it could. It guesses. It speculates. It makes mistakes.

The real problem lies in the fact that programmatic software doesn’t learn from its mistakes… because it can’t.

Capable but not that smart

Programmatic software will only alter the cost per click or bid price when it sees how many responses it’s getting. It’s reactive, not proactive. If it’s falling short of targets, it will increase the bid price. If it takes several days to hit the optimal bid amount, it’ll have to play catch up, increasing it even further to ensure enough applications are received before the deadline.

If you worked in a cafe and your coffee machine broke, you’d have to call an engineer to come and fix it, and you’d lose money while the machine was down. Wouldn’t it be so much better if you could anticipate the fault and remedy it before that happened? Same goes for your programmatic platform. You end up spending more than you should because the system doesn’t know what the bid price should be — but what if it did?

What if programmatic software could learn?

Artificial intelligence makes programmatic software not just hard-working and efficient, but smart. It enables the software to learn, bringing greater precision to your pay-per-click ad spend and saving you an additional 35% of your recruitment budget. Programmatic platforms with integrated AI are the ultimate formula for more intelligent and cost-effective recruitment marketing.

How does it work? Basically, the integrated AI looks at past campaigns on different job aggregators, analysing bid levels, site traffic, conversion rates and other market characteristics. It then determines where your ad should be placed and what the bid price should be, turning a reactive process into a proactive and predictive one. And it learns from every job, continuously improving ad performance in its search for the perfect campaign.

Programmatic job advertising is a useful but blunt tool. AI makes it sharp, driving smart decisions in recruitment advertising to a degree that has never before been possible.

Introducing ClickIQ — the first programmatic recruitment platform with integrated AI

ClickIQ is an intelligent recruitment marketing platform and the first to use integrated AI to improve the performance and efficiency of your job ads and give you greater control of your marketing budget. It features built-in campaign management tools with a user-friendly interface and a fully customisable analytics dashboard that puts all the data you need at your fingertips.

About ClickIQ

ClickIQ’s automated job advertising platform manages, tracks and optimises the performance of your recruitment advertising in real time, focusing spend where it’s needed most to reach both active and passive job seekers across Indeed, Google, Facebook and an extensive network of job boards.

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