ClickIQ generated 7,800 organic (free) applications during a 60 day pilot.


Recruitment Team, Saint-Gobain

ClickIQTM generated 7,800 organic (free) applications in 60 days.

About Saint-Gobain:

Saint-Gobain includes some of the best-known and most respected companies in the construction sector, including British Gypsum, Jewson, Celotex and Glasssolutions. They are present in 68 countries and employ over 180,000 people worldwide, including over 17,000 in the UK & Ireland.


Saint-Gobain wanted to be able to generate the highest number of applications possible within their budget whilst recruiting for multiple organisations across a variety of sectors.

They were particularly struggling to recruit for many of their hard to fill roles and were subsequently investing a lot of spend in recruitment agencies.


Reduce spend on recruitment agencies whilst generating enough applications for their hard to fill roles.

What Happened?

Throughout their 60 day ClickIQ trial period, Saint Gobain saw extremely positive results. Their roles received a lot of organic traffic which resulted in over 7,800 organic applications (i.e. for free). Their sponsored roles also received over 200 applications in total.

The best part was that due to ClickIQ’s PPC model, Saint Gobain only paid for the clicks their roles received meaning there was no wasted spend (unlike the traditional post and pray method they had previously used). This brought their average overall cost per application down to just £0.19 (including organic and paid media).

Due to ClickIQ, Saint Gobain have reduced their spend and reliance on recruitment agencies. They have now decided to invest more into ClickIQ and reduce their overall spend on recruitment agencies.

ClickIQ generated 7,800 organic (free) applications during a 60 day pilot.


Recruitment Team, Saint-Gobain

Key Stats


Organic applications


Sponsored applications


Total Cost Per Application for all roles


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