ClickIQ Appoints Joel Burrows as Media Director

joel burrows

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Joel Burrows, ClickIQ’s Commercial Director, to the newly created role of Media Director. Joel has been instrumental to ClickIQ’s success and rapid scaling, and with ClickIQ now part of the Indeed family, his focus will shift to building a global trusted network of media partners, to help our Enterprise clients make the best hires, at scale.

Beverly Shaw, Co-Founder commented, “Joel has been a great asset to the business over the past 2 years and with 10 years of digital media experience, combined with a deep understanding of the Recruitment media landscape, I am confident that he will add immediate value to the role as he and his team build out our 3rd party media network.

After nearly a year of lengthy competitive testing and an extensive due diligence process, we were excited to finally become acquired by Indeed in July 2019. A key part of that acquisition was Indeed’s commitment to doing the right thing for clients, regardless of media channel.”

We have spent the last 6 months integrating into Indeed and completing a huge infrastructure project to allow us to scale at Indeed levels, and most excitingly, to create an industry-changing, new state-of-the-art dashboard, providing clients with dynamic, real time customisable analytics and raft of advanced features.

As the new dashboard reaches the end of beta testing stage, our attention has now shifted to focus on our global trusted media network.

Richard Collins, Co-founder stated “Trust is key to our media network, given the high levels of click fraud, privacy and telephone preference concerns, we are looking to build out our network of high quality partners who provide the best job seeker experience for our clients.

We are fully committed to providing a completely media agnostic programmatic solution, with total transparency. As such, Joel’s appointment will be key to working with media partners to provide the best possible client focused solution.”


Indeed acquired ClickIQ in July 2019. ClickIQ’s automated job advertising platform provides the most effective and efficient solution for Enterprise employers and will continue to be completely media agnostic, delivering the best results for clients based on their media performance across Indeed, Glassdoor and a trusted third party media network.