Coming Soon? Bing for Jobs

Coming soon...Bing for Jobs (1)

So, is Bing about to follow in Google’s footsteps and launch Bing for Jobs?

According to our friends at Chad and Cheese (who heard it from Mona Tawakali at KRT) the rumoured beta version apparently looks to be solely powered by LinkedIn Jobs (which would make sense).

(For those of you who don’t follow Chad and Cheese, it’s like a small aggressive window on the future of recruitment and – whilst non-Americans might only understand every 3rd word – there is a handy transcript. Personally, I love it and highly recommend it).

Whilst the possible launch of Bing for Jobs is less earth-shattering news to European markets compared to America, it’s still important and could have a significant impact on the way job search happens in the future.

Bing Search Engines

Search engines are particularly useful for attracting applicants at the start of their job search. To give you some idea of scale, Bing has an average of 1.2 billion global monthly visitors.

If you are after the best candidates or are recruiting in skill shortage areas where great candidates are often not in the market for long, you should probably think about getting your jobs in front of them early.

Here is the link to the Chad and Cheese podcast if you missed it:

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