Facebook Jobs Update

Facebook Jobs

It’s been a while since we looked at Facebook Jobs in any detail – well I say looked, more like highlighted the terrible matching they were giving. We even ran a competition about the worst jobs being recommended!

Well, no surprise but as expected they have upped their game.

Firstly, there are a lot more jobs.

Importantly, this is being increased further as they try and partner and integrate with ATS providers. Their first step towards this is to use the industry standard XML feed which could significantly increase the number of jobs available on Facebook very quickly (once the feature becomes readily available).

There are now categories to filter down into relevant sections. I imagine this will continue to expand as they get even more jobs in.

The applicant process:

  • 1-click apply, then additional work experience fields to complete.
  • Application emailed or sent via Messenger.
  • Employers are able to see applicant’s public profile and contact them over Messenger (or using the phone and email provided in your application).

The employer process:

  • The process of posting a job, creating a careers page and applying, all seem to have improved.
  • I imagine they will in time look to add some further ATS tools to allow employers to filter candidates better that the current simple screening questions.
  • You can still post for free (I imagine that they, like Indeed and Google, will continue down the all-jobs-for-free route), but can opt to boost posts using the incredibly powerful demographic targeting.

The aggregate and boost model is by far the most successful and job boards who are not doing similar will get cut out of the process, as job seekers won’t look any further than the big 4 (Indeed, Google, Facebook and LinkedIn).

So, what are the use cases?

Clearly, Facebook is targeting blue collar workers and small companies.

Larger companies will be able to sponsor their jobs to more passive/less active professionals, giving them better reach than any job board. If you get smart with pre-targeting or re-targeting, then you could create a very powerful ‘talent pipelining’ tool – without needing expensive/intrusive talent-tracking tech.

I am not sure that it will ever be a very sophisticated product, but if you think classified ads, it will have its place and it is clearly a vertical they are serious about. For their target markets, I imagine it will be successful, in time.

What might we see next?

  • Further improvements from more jobs content
  • Improved search and apply functionality for candidates
  • Improved screening tools for employers; Facebook already offers ‘screening questions’ and once these integrate with ATS providers, they will become very useful.
  • 3rd parties using their API to integrate better tools. We have seen this when using our Chatbot to handle applications and automation tools to create, post, manage and optimise ads.

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