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If you are a Corporate HR department, Recruitment Agency or Job Board and would like to effortlessly optimise your performance-based advertising across active and passive job markets, ClickIQ is the right platform for you.

Setting up on ClickIQ couldn’t be easier. Our simple onboarding guide will take you through the necessary steps. To request your copy, click here.

The set-up process is very fast. As soon as we have your vacancies, we are able to start distributing them to the relevant network of media immediately.

ClickIQ is constantly expanding its network of media, allowing you to post and manage your recruitment advertisement in more places than ever before, targeting both active and passive job seekers across the globe.

ClickIQ’s network is made up of a wide range of advertising platforms, including PPC job boards, such as Indeed and Adzuna; Social Media platforms, such as Facebook and LinkedIn; as well as enabling job level advertising across the Google Display Network.

The platform is incredibly easy to integrate with. If there is any specific media not currently featured on ClickIQ that you would like to work with, please just inform your Client Success Manager.

ClickIQ’s network covers over 90% of the globe, meaning that your job adverts can be discovered in almost any country.

If there is a particular advertising source that you feel ClickIQ would benefit from partnering within, ClickIQ can easily integrate with any performance based media, no matter the location.

There are numerous ways you can post your vacancies to ClickIQ, ensuring that the system is accessible regardless of your job posting capabilities.

ClickIQ can accept XML feeds, ATS or job distributor posting or manual job posting within the platform.

If you require vacancies to be hosted on ClickIQ directly, the platform features the ability to dynamically generate landing pages for all vacancies, complete with employer branding and delivering candidates to a specified email address or ATS.

Yes. We can direct all job seekers back to the relevant vacancy on your employer careers portal without ClickIQ ever appearing as part of the process, ensuring that you gain maximum brand exposure without compromising on a seamless candidate experience.

ClickIQ’s automated campaign management allows you to easily dictate which vacancies you apply spend to, meaning you can save money on those easy to fill vacancies and distribute this spend where it is needed most.

No. Using ClickIQ’s automated optimisation, the system only ever spends when required. If you are able to generate enough free applications to reach your goals across ClickIQ’s extensive organic network, the platform will ensure that you never spend a penny.

ClickIQ allows you to set rules within ‘Campaigns’ that extend your scope of job advertising further than anything previously possible. If your vacancies are not attracting enough quality applications, the system is able to automatically deliver job-specific adverts to passive candidates across Social Media and the Google Display Network.

Passive candidate targeting allows your job advertising to reach high-quality candidates that are not actively looking for their next vacancy in the relevant sector, enabling targeting on the likes of location, job title, interests and much more.

Campaigns are customisable groups of vacancies created by you to control and set goals for similar jobs. Jobs are automatically assigned to a campaign by the system depending on a wide variety of factors, including location, salary, job title and much more.

ClickIQ enables you to set campaigns based on a wide variety of goals, which will then be achieved by our automated technology.

Campaign goals can include targeting a specific number of applications per job, a maximum job budget, or a target cost per application.

With ClickIQ you can run as many campaigns as you need.

ClickIQ automatically assigns each vacancy to the most relevant campaign that you have created, based on the rules created. If a role does not fit in to any of your current campaigns, the vacancy will be assigned to a default campaign.

In order to ensure complete control of your vacancies, ClickIQ also enables you to move the vacancy between campaigns manually, should you wish to assign a different priority to a vacancy.

Using Big Data analysis, ClickIQ’s integrated AI learns from every single job posted on the platform, and then applies this learning to new vacancies to achieve the best possible performance.

ClickIQ will constantly improve in every aspect of advertising performance, allowing our fully programmatic bid management system to consistently set the best spend at the best time for every single role.

Depending on your campaign goals, ClickIQ uses programmatic bid management to assign bid amounts to every vacancy. If a vacancy is not on course to reach its targets, ClickIQ automatically changes bid levels to optimise performance.

Once a job achieves its target, ClickIQ turns off spend, ensuring there is no wastage.

ClickIQ features a full suit of analytics across all available advertising channels, reporting on responses regardless of where they’re from.

ClickIQ enables users to effortlessly track, measure and manage advertising performance all in one place.

Reporting is fully customisable for every user. ClickIQ can report on any combination of timeframe, media, job, campaign and much more.

ClickIQ collects this data through use of an unobtrusive, secure HTML tag on your website, in a similar way to Google webmaster and analytics platforms.

ClickIQ is the first programmatic recruitment marketing technology to be based in the UK.

ClickIQ offers full campaign management and system support from industry experts, available to every single client.

We’ve developed a smart online recruitment marketing technology platform (using sophisticated proprietary algorithms, integrated AI, big data and analytics) that optimises ad spend effectiveness by over 40%.
Rather than spreading budget across all roles indiscriminately, allowing easy to fill roles to dominate your budget due to a high number of clicks, ClickIQ’s technology automatically redistributes spend to roles that need it most, when they need it most.
This means that you can save budget on roles that are in high demand and therefore do not require high levels of spend, focusing instead on the most important vacancies that traditionally will not reach a targeted level of interaction without additional resources.

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