How to beat the bots

Bots are like bacteria. About half of the human body is made up of bacteria, and about half of all web traffic is made up of bots. In fact, recent figures indicate that 51.8% of website visitors are now bots.

Like bacteria, there are good and bad bots. The good bots are the ones that roam the internet gathering information, like the spiders that visit websites and copy data from the pages so that Google can index them. The bad bots are the ones that impersonate humans to bypass security measures, inject spam links into blog comments and forums, or try to steal your personal data, among other things.

All bots, good and bad, are capable of being a problem for job advertisers. If you’re paying per click for a job ad, you only want to pay if a real human being clicks on it, not if a bot does — even if it’s innocently indexing. A good job search engine ought to filter out the bot clicks and not charge you for them. But there are plenty of start-ups that won’t. You also need to beware of the bad bots deliberately programmed to click on your ads and hike up your costs.

Charging for bot clicks in either of these two ways is known as click fraud. Unfortunately it’s a booming industry. A 2015 report estimated that click fraud takes up about a third of all digital ad spending.

As a recruitment marketing platform that manages, controls and optimises your job ads, ClickIQ stops bots from eating your ad budget. We compile bot reports that tell you how many clicks are coming from bots and how many are coming from human beings, letting you monitor the performance of the aggregators your ads are appearing on.

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ClickIQ’s automated job advertising platform manages, tracks and optimises the performance of your recruitment advertising in real time, focusing spend where it’s needed most to reach both active and passive job seekers across Indeed, Google, Facebook and an extensive network of job boards.

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