Job Boards Series

The Job Board Series

RIP Job Boards. But are job boards dead? This has undoubtedly been the subject of much debate over the last 12 months. At ClickIQ, we firmly believe that traditional job boards will still continue to exist but they will need to adapt in order to survive.

Explore our job boards series via the links below to read more about how job boards can evolve with the recruitment advertising landscape throughout 2019:

It’s the conversation on everybody’s lips – will job boards survive the changing recruitment landscape?

Here at ClickIQ, we think they will, but they will need to adapt to survive the coming years.

Part 2: Should Job Boards offer a Pay-for-Performance Model?

In Part 1, we explained why we think job boards will survive the coming changes and how they need to adapt.

Here, we will look at how and why they need to make this a priority.

What does the longer-term future look like for job boards?

With a number of mega-corporations entering the market over the last few months and the trend likely to continue, what can we expect the job board market to look like in the future?