Part 3: The Rise of the Ecosystem

The Rise of the Eco-System_ The Future of Job Boards

In the last two posts, we talked about the changes that job boards need to make in order to survive in this brave new world of recruitment media. More specifically, we spoke about how they need to shift their commercial model to also offer performance advertising and build niche communities.

But what does the longer-term future look like for job boards?

Over the last few months, we have seen a number of mega corporations enter the recruitment market, with Google for Jobs, Microsoft, Facebook and Uber being some of the bigger names to appear on the scene. This is likely to continue at a pace as these sites are increasingly offering additional services around just basic advertising.

This is the start of rise of the ecosystem.

Primordial Soup

Already we are starting to see several media owners rise out of the primordial soup of job boards by offering additional services that appeal to their client base and match the pace of change within the rest of the recruitment market. These boards include Indeed with Indeed Hire and Stepstone (who recently acquired Good & Co) amongst many others.

All of these big players are adding additional technology to their stack, most have an ATS, many have acquired filtering tools.

Clients will be encouraged (through simple integrations and cost benefits) to stay within a single ecosystem as it is easier for them to manage all of their Talent Attraction within that one environment. If they can advertise, filter, screen and track applicants from one place – what need would they have to go elsewhere?

Which Recruitment Ecosystem?

But which ecosystem should they choose? Each will have their own individual advantages and disadvantage. Employers will have to choose the one that works best for them depending on the type of roles they typically hire.

Google: The master of all things. Most applicants will kick off their job search researching the job, company, industry etc. on Google. Over the coming years, it will be a key contender within the recruitment ecosystem.

Microsoft/LinkedIn: This will be the main ecosystem for specialist white collar jobs, especially for passive and hard to find areas.

Facebook: Expect to find blue collar workers within this ecosystem. Again, Facebook will be particularly useful for those sourcing passive candidates thanks to their targeting tools.

Indeed: This ecosystem will remain vital for mass market, volume recruiters across the globe.

Stepstone: This will be a powerful ecosystem for white collar workers in Europe.

Ziprecruiter: SME, US focused.

Other contenders include Uber who are now offering a gig economy platform.

The Negatives of the Ecosystem

The issue with any ecosystem is: how do you stop clients from leaving?

The answer, I suspect, will be answered by job board networks.

Job boards using third party technology will be able to plug into employers and fill the gaps that cannot be filled by the ecosystem. Whether that be because they have access to a pool of relevant, engaged candidates or because it is still (for the moment) where most people first turn to find a new role. This will also where the recruitment agencies will live as well.

Over the coming years, I suspect we will see more and more job boards invest in third party technology because they have to in order to stay relevant and useful in the minds of employers.

It will be the job boards that do this that survive the coming changes and evolve to remain part of these growing ecosystems.

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