So your job ad didn’t get any response. What now?

Passive Applicant Targeting

“The definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”

Yet the number of times we see recruiters coming to the end of advertising for a job, not getting any/enough responses, only to repeat using the same old credits on the same job boards, paying a premium to add a 1 off ad on a niche board, or in desperation calling expensive recruitment agencies.

We are currently living in a world of “full employment” so attracting talent is getting harder, so we have to be more creative than just repeating what might have worked in the past.

So, what should you do…

First of all, there is a far more effective way to advertise your jobs.

Increase your advertising reach without increasing your costs, by buying pay per click ads across a network (i.e.: lots) of job boards. That way you get the benefit of the same costs to advertise on one job board as all of them. Which increases your chances of reaching the best candidates for less.

But, even then for certain jobs there is a huge skill shortage and those candidates never seem to be active on job boards.

So, what other options are there…Google?

You could reach them at the very start of their job search, when they are starting to think about a new job and researching what is out there. Google Adwords is a good start point. Choose Job title, location and a broad match. Sponsor it, and see what you get.

But it’s still only targeting active candidates, and expensive (due to high levels of competition and low conversion rates).

Time to start active sourcing?

You could sign up for some CV databases and LinkedIn and start searching. All great sourcing methods, but very time consuming, and response rates are very low, especially when those people are being approached all the time by recruiters.

Passive applicant targeting:

Using programmatic advertising on Facebook, you can place ads in the news feeds of your target audience. And as we all know, Facebook has a lot of data on us, which allows some great targeting opportunities. (So, forget about Facebook jobs as the targeting is poor at the moment).

For example.

  • If you recruit in professional services maybe you wanted to reach people who work for your competitors, so select themin “Employers”.
  • People with specific qualifications, such as qualified nurses select this in “Topics of Study”.
  • After Java developers, select that under “Interests”.
  • Recruit people from specific courses at specific universities eg: Studied engineering at Loughborough.Select them both in “Places of Education” and “Topics of study”
  • Lives in a certain location i.e. nearbywhere you are hiring. Select them in “City”, “Region”, or “Country”.
  • Attracting lawyers – select that under “Industries”.

Or any combination or ALL of the above

Facebook will even tell you how many people you can reach with your ad

So how to implement

Before you even start, you are going to want to track conversions from clicks to applies, and a way to measure ROI. So, make sure you have that in place. Facebook and Google both have options. But our own ClickIQ analytics platform can do it too.

You then need to set up the campaign, again there are options:

Option 1:

Go to your friendly ad agency. But it’s going to be expensive as they are set up to help with big campaigns.

Option 2:

Do it yourself – that’s a lot of work. And good luck getting hold of the company credit card.

Option 3:

Or you can use ClickIQ and we will automatically identify those harder to fill roles and using our rules engine only start campaigns when you need them. Eg If a job doesn’t have a certain number of applications after a set number of days.

It then dynamically creates branded adverts, merging job descriptions with your corporate designs.

Finally, it controls you budget and tracks responses. So that you don’t over pay.

Click here to find more information on how our Passive Candidate Targeting tool can be integrated within your Talent Attraction strategy.

But there is a problem

People on Facebook are usually not sat there with a CV in hand ready to apply, so you will need a way to convert people who are on their mobile at all hours of day and unlikely to full in your 3+ page static application form on your ATS.

The answer is…. you will need a chatbot to convert people.

It will make a massive difference to response rates think 30-40% rather than 5%, as well as the candidate experience, engagement is typically 80%+.

We use the brilliant RecruitmentBot. Which is easy to implement across all platforms, whether it is Facebook messenger or careers pages and comes in a simple menu driven bot or an AI powered Natural Language version.

About ClickIQ 

About ClickIQ

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