Planning for Brexit

Last week, we were lucky enough to speak at the RL100 in Whitstable, covering:

A review of the changing Job board landscape in 2018 using similar web data. Looking at market share and how that has changed. Short answer is Indeed dominated further.

We then looked at the effects of Google for jobs on job boards – less than you would think

And Facebook, not a great start, but lots of targeting and expect more in the future.

What 2019 might look like, changes expected, especially around the macro-economic environment, which led into a round table discussion around Brexit scenario planning

Scenario 1 – In the event of an economic down turn and cost reductions of 40% of budget

• Focus on reducing Agency reliance (ensure this area is as lean as it can be)
• Automation – Streamlining Talent Attraction and Recruitment teams using Automation
• Flexible advertising budgets
• Candidate talent sharing (candidates who miss out on roles but are of a high quality)

Scenario 2 – How to attract candidates in Skill Shortage areas as a result of Brexit and changing migration patterns.

• Widening advertising reach to engage passive candidates
• Talent retention – keep the talent you have
• Grow your own – Extended Apprenticeships and Graduate programmes and train to fill skills shortage.

Massive thank you for Joel for running the session in my absence, and Kirsty Kelly for supporting us.

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