Press release: ClickIQ acquires Recruitment Bot

ClickIQ acquires RecruitmentBot

ClickIQ is excited to announce the acquisition of Recruitment Bot.

Recruitment Bot offers recruiters an unparalleled and automated way of converting job seekers to applicants. Using natural language understanding, Recruitment Bot enables a candidate to ask a question in natural human language and get a humanised response almost immediately.

Unlike traditional static application forms:

  • Chatbots give a vastly superior employer brand experience.
  • Convert passive job seekers who don’t have a CV to hand.
  • Are much more effective for mobile and Facebook job seekers.
  • Triple the conversion rate to application; improving response rates and saving money.
  • Work across all platforms – SMS, web, messenger, text etc.

Recruitment Bot is already integrated into ClickIQ’s Automated Talent Attraction Platform, so that employers and recruiters alike can not only manage and optimise their advertising, but also convert those responses in the most efficient way.

About ClickIQ

ClickIQ is an Automated Talent Attraction Platform which uses AI and Programmatic technology to intelligently manage and optimise your recruitment advertising in real time, across an extensive network of performance based recruitment media.

Saving recruiters significant time and money whilst also increasing their advertising reach.

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About Recruitment Bot

Recruitment Bot is a multi-channel Chatbot platform powered by natural language understanding, machine learning and marketing automation technology to improve candidate experience and optimise your job advert conversion rate through conversation.

We help recruiters get more from their advertising and empower candidates to make smart career decisions by answering the questions they want to know about your business.