The in-house recruiter’s strategy guide to Google for Jobs

The in-house recruiter's guide to Google for Jobs (5)

So now Google has done their next phase roll out in the UK. I think what has surprised people most is that basically it is a giant organic aggregator of job boards (think Indeed a few years ago, when all their content was free).

How it works:

No matter how many boards you are on, your jobs appear only once. However, applicants are given a choice of how they want to apply – either direct or via any job boards you are advertising on. Google also have some really great filtering tools available to people to narrow down their search.

The single most important thing you need to do is to make sure your careers site is in the listings directly.

Here is how…. 

IF your ATS or careers site provider has not already done this, get a new one! Google have been telling people how for a while, so this is not a surprise.

8 things you need to know:

  1. Firstly, to appear in Google For Jobs is free!
  2. To repeat, you DO NOT have to pay to be in there nor do you need to be on a job board.
  3. You do need to make sure your site is tagged and fulfils their rules. Here’s how….
  4. ClickIQ media partners already feed Google For Jobs for free.
  5. The candidate journey is especially poor if people apply via the duration boards as applicants never see your beautiful careers site.
  6. Expect to see Google put more emphasis on going direct to employers going forward.
  7. AdWords allows you to appear above Google For Jobs for ££.
  8. Organic search results still appear immediately below.

The application process:

This is really important as where you advertise affects the applicant journey, their experience and how much you could be paying. 

This is how it works:

People search, hopefully find your job, then apply either via whichever job board they prefer or directly through your careers site.

in-house recruiters guide to Google for Jobs

If you are on multiple job boards, then you ideally want to be on the one with the lowest cost. Several boards in our ClickIQ network allow you to appear in Google for Jobs organically (i.e. for free). But you will have no control over which one people apply through – and they may well choose the most expensive option.

What you want to happen?

Candidates see your job directly, click and get a great experience. They then learn about you as an employer and apply on your site – costing you nothing.

Good luck!


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