Top 10 Key Trends for Recruitment Advertising: 2019

2019 Trends for Recruitment Advertising

Looking back, my predictions for 2018 were pretty on point (7 Key Trends for Recruitment Advertising in 2018), and it was certainly all about the Tech Giants, ML and Automation, Performance buying, skill shortage and passive targeting, as well as the rise and rise of Inhouse recruiting and networks.

With 2018 out of the way here are my predictions for recruitment advertising in 2019:

1. 2019 will be the year of automated sourcing

We are already seeing moves towards automating various elements of the sourcing process, and as tools like Google Cloud talent start to mature we can expect to see this accelerate.

As soon as jobs are uploaded to ATS’ the automation tools will take job descriptions, search and find relevant matching CVs on databases and talent pools freeing staff to focus on the human element of sourcing. Expect to see chatbots used as communication enablers, helping candidates complete the application process with minimal friction.

2. Google

Following on from the launch of Google for jobs, expect to see more and more employers integrated, and the whole applicant experience improving, with them being able to go straight to the employers’ job on their career site rather than via a Job board.

It’s almost a given that we will see GoogleAds become even more integrated into search results meaning the competition to reach applicants at the start of their job search will become intense.

3. Facebook

Don’t write off Facebook Jobs, despite plenty of issues with version one, not least of which was the very low relevancy. I expect to see 1 click apply, and aggregated jobs content being introduced, providing more relevant results for job seekers.

4. Brexit

Well this is constantly changing. Whatever happens, expect more skill shortages during the uncertainty and whilst we transition to whatever we end up with (if anything).

5. Traditional boards offering Pay per Click

The move to pay per click has already started in the UK, and will take off in 2019. Driven by tough trading conditions and high levels of competition, they won’t dump traditional models, but will offer clients the choice to also buy on a performance basis.

6. Block chain

Everyone will talk about it, but no one will be able to tell you what it is or the relevance to recruitment.

7. More automation

With downward pressure on costs and increasing complexity of the sourcing process, combined with constant improvements in the software, automation is here to stay and will only continue to grow, becoming a prerequisite for companies to stand a chance of competing for talent.

8. Landing page optimisation for conversion (consumerisation)

We all know traditional ATS application conversion rates are terrible, you may as well burn your advertising budget. By delivering better landing pages, content and a more ‘consumer’ experience you can immediately get 500%+ increases.

Larger more sophisticated employers will lead the way with others following. Think dynamic personalised content , chatbots, rich media, employer brand experiences, 1 click applies, etc.

9. Consolidation/acquisitions of job boards

Expect Indeed and Stepstone to be at the forefront of the acquisition trail. But Monster and Career builder both have new (ish) leadership and strong financial backing, so I doubt they will just sit there watching them having it all their own way.

10. More shiny tech backed by investment

The crazy world of HR investment will continue, further confusing buyers. Not all of it will be good, real or useful.

Looks like more exciting times ahead for 2019.

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