Top 10 reasons why Recruitment Agencies should be using programmatic advertising

Programmatic Advertising

Recruitment advertising is rapidly moving to a performance basis, and smart recruiters will immediately see the advantages of this. But to manage it effectively you will need a suitable technology platform with integrated programmatic bid management tools.

For those unfamiliar with it, programmatic is simply using computers to automatically manage pay per click/performance based advertising, typically on Job Search Engines/Aggregators such as Indeed and Adzuna.

Top 10 reasons why Recruitment Agencies should be using programmatic advertising

  1. More placements:

    Most recruiters will accept as many quality applicants as possible within a certain cost per applicant. ClickIQ allows you to set a target cost per application and then optimises your campaign to achieve this.

  2. Greater visibility:

    Aggregators are now the number 1 method that job seekers use to find a new job. 57% of candidates use them, according to a recent Job Board Doctor/Madgex survey, more than any other search method.

  3. Cost saving:

    Average cost savings are typically over 40% compared to online recruitment advertising without using programmatic.

  4. Time saving:

    Gain the ability to automatically stop a campaign once it achieves its goals – eg a target number of applicants. This becomes increasingly important when recruiters are placing candidates in high response roles.

  5. Only pay for what you need:

    Using a differential job bidding strategy. High responder jobs will require a much lower cost per click than skill shortage jobs. ClickIQ monitors all adverts and adjusts bids accordingly.

  6. Only pay for responses:

    Unlike duration based ads, if you don’t get any responses you don’t pay anything. Savings are even greater for hard to fill roles.

  7. Manage the amount of responses:

    Set a target number of clicks or applications that you want for each job, and the system will automatically stop once you this has been achieved.

  8. Reduce wastage:

    ClickIQ will monitor responses from organic traffic, and it makes sure you only pay to advertise jobs that you need to, based on the levels of responses and targets set.

  9. Optimise on quality:

    It’s not just about clicks, it’s the quality of those clicks. ClickIQ can optimise your advertising spend based on the quality of responses.

  10. Easy to set up:

    To plug into ClickIQ, just provide us with an XML jobs feed. We do the rest automatically.

ClickIQ is the first UK based Intelligent Recruitment Marketing and Analytics technology for Recruitment Consultancies to manage and optimise their pay per performance advertising.

ClickIQ’s campaign management tools allow you to set up as many campaigns as you need, setting goals and budgets within them.

Our programmatic bid management, then manages the cost per click bids to achieve the goals set out.

Our Integrated AI, learns over time what works best to make sure your campaigns are as efficient as possible.

Finally, our Analytics dashboard reports in real time on all of your jobs and campaigns to provide essential management information for you to make informed decisions.

About ClickIQ

ClickIQ’s automated job advertising platform manages, tracks and optimises the performance of your recruitment advertising in real time, focusing spend where it’s needed most to reach both active and passive job seekers across Indeed, Google, Facebook and an extensive network of job boards.

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