Why Recruitment Advertisers Prefer Paying Per Click

Why recruitment advertisers prefer paying per click

For the last 20 years’ duration-based job advertising has dominated the recruitment market. But now pay-per-click (PPC) has taken over. Here’s why:

  1. The biggest benefit of paying-per-click is that it costs the same to advertise on one job board as it does to advertise on all of them. So, your ads can appear everywhere for the same cost as a single board which increases your chances of reaching the best candidates for less. 
  2. You decide how much to pay, and you only pay when someone expresses an interest i.e. clicks on your ad. No responses mean no cost.
  3. Many of the providers offer organic (free) listings, which depending on the strength of your employer brand, can account for a large % of responses.
  4. You can move bid prices up or down depending on how many applications you want.
  5. You can automatically turn ads off at any time when you’ve had enough responses.
  6. It’s easy to strip out bots, crawlers, duplicates, and people based abroad which ensures you only pay for actual people who are interested in your roles.

The US is already dominated by the PPC model with the UK rapidly following and the rest of Europe won’t be far behind.

All of the big 4 (Indeed, Google, LinkedIn and Facebook) work using a PPC model and in the last 10 years have taken the majority of the recruitment advertising market share.

So, if you haven’t tried PPC before maybe now is the time.

However, before you jump in with both feet first, the one thing you will need to make sure it a success is some software to manage it. This is where ClickIQ comes in.

ClickIQ uses AI and Programmatic technology to do all of the heavy-lifting for you. Your jobs are automatically uploaded and our platform does the rest by automating, managing and optimising your recruitment advertising across more than 25 PPC job boards and social media.

It continually monitors response rates and adjusts bids on every job on every job board in real time, turning a time-consuming and complex process into a simple and efficient one. By automating and managing the entire process ClickIQ saves recruiters significant time and money whilst increasing their advertising reach.

To find out more about ClickIQ and how our multi award-winning technology can help you attract the best talent email us at or request a demo via the button below.